Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Canberra - Christchurch

The Winter/ Williams travelling troupe had an early start today as we were picked up at 5.00.  We ended up on the same flight to Sydney as our flight was cancelled.  We had a good flight  to Christchurch, though we were about an hour late.  John and Penny were on a different flight to us and were in much earlier.  We met up at our motel and went to a local pub for a hot rock dinner.  We felt the need for some exercise after travelling all day so headed out for a walk and ended up  in Cathedral Square and then we meandered back through Hagley Park to the motel.  Its light so late and we walked for a couple of hours.  There are still a lot of derelict buildings in the centre of Christchurch which was quite sad to see.  The whole front / tower of the Cathedral is gone.  It was interesting to see all the shipping containers being used as coffee shops and shops.

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  1. Great to see you are blogging. So sad to see Christchurch as it is now. Have a great time.