Saturday, 1 February 2014

Doubtful Sound

We've had a lovely day today cruising Doubtful Sound and the weather was really good - no rain.  It was cloudy this morning but that burnt off mid morning.  We were picked up at 7.30 so an early start.  We drove into Manapouri, where we caught a boat across Lake Manapouri.

These early morning play havoc with sleep
We then headed off to the Manapouri power station where we drove 2 kms down a spiral tunnel to the machine hall.

We then drove across Wilmot Pass to Doubtful Sound where we cruised to the Tasman Sea and back.

Note white tree slide left of centre - when a tree falls because of wind and rain it takes out
lower trees that are all shallow rooted.
We returned by the same route and enjoyed spectacular scenery all day.

We drove in to Te Anau tonight for dinner out - a belated 33rd wedding anniversary celebration.
Lake Te Anau
A 7 seater bike - don't know how it works.


  1. Love the sleeping beauties!!!! Looks like you had another wonderful day.

  2. Looks like Alaska but not so cold - enjoy the wilderness without the hardships.