Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Day 51 - London

It was a magnificent day in London today - sunny, warm and not a cloud in the sky!!!  After we checked out of our accommodation, and discovered, to our relief, that we could leave our luggage there, we walked to Whitehall where we met up with Jillian and visited the Churchill Warm Rooms, which we found to be very interesting.

Then it was a quick dash down the road to watch the changing of the guard at the Horse Guards.

We then headed off to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which I've never been to before.  We met up with Penny and John, (who are in London for a couple of nights) for lunch, and then spent some time browsing the museum - costumes, jewellery, stained glass to name a few.

We walked back to our accommodation (lots of walking again today) and collected our belongings before heading out to Heathrow and our trip home. 


  1. Looks great Sue. London in perfect sunshine. Hard to beat.