Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 34 Paris - Casablanca

We discovered today the sun still shines!  And the best time to drive in Paris is at 5.00 am.

We arrived at the airport very early and checked in, and then spent hours wandering around Terminal S at Orly Airport, which is not very exciting as anyone who has been there will attest. We were successful in finding something to spend our remaining €3 coins on. And it wasn't food.

After a good flight, we got through formalities very quickly, and waited and waited for no luggage to appear.  Eventually, we found both suitcases - our luggage had come on an earlier flight!!  We were very relieved to find it.

Our tour guide, Hassan, met us and bought us to the hotel.  Once we hit Casablanca, the traffic built up and we were trying to decide if it is worse than Paris traffic, but think its just noisier, with pedestrians more inclined to wander out into it.

We had lunch at the hotel and then went for a brief wander around the hotel neighbourhood.  With no maps and no real idea where we were we weren't terribly adventurous.

We had a welcome reception and dinner with our fellow guests, and we think there are 18 of us in all.  Hopefully they will be a nice group to travel with.

Not sure how accessible the Internet will be so we'll see now it goes.  We're staying in a Riad, which is traditional accommodation in the old city, for the next 2 nights so may be off line for a while.

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