Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 42 Casablanca to Wendover

Another transit day so not a lot to report.

We bussed to the airport at 9.00 and went through all the formalities.  We (or more precisely I) managed to spend the last of our Dirhams (Alan called them ding-a-lings) and we had coffee with a few of our group who were flying out in different directions around the same time as us.

We were a bit delayed leaving Casablanca, but were more or less on time into Heathrow.  Not too much trouble with formalities or picking up the hire car, and we were on the road to Wendover by 5.30, arriving sound 6.30.

It was lovely to catch up with Johnny and Julie and we had a lovely dinner and a nice night chatting.

More adventures tomorrow - if it doesn't snow too much.

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  1. Back in UK!Enjoy the cool weather! It's going to be 37 degrees here today. xx