Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 46 London

We heeded the weather warning and came up to London today. It was snowing in Hay this morning and there are all sorts of weather warnings for very heavy snow tomorrow.

Penny and John's back yard this morning

We were disappointed to lose a day with Penny and John and it was sad saying goodbye. We headed out about 11 and drove out of the snow quite quickly.   It turned out to be quite a good trip.  It was as high as 3 deg at times, and we almost saw the sun!!

We dropped the car off and checked into our hotel at Heathrow, and have enjoyed relaxing in our room.

The plus is we can spend tomorrow in London - depending on the weather.


  1. Was sad to have to say goodbye earlier than we had thought, but we now have a red alert which means we should take action, but not sure what action that means but think this household will take it as inaction and stay warm, tho maybe we'll get the sledge out and find a hill? Think you made the right decision and hope you have a fun day in London tomorrow.

  2. What a shame to lose a day together but best to be safe and not miss the flight. Have a lovely day in London.