Friday, 19 September 2014

Day 12 - Dresden - Halle

Our first stop this morning was at Meissen where we visited the porcelain museum.  We had a guided tour which showed us the processes followed in creating Meissen products and then had a look around the amazing items in the museum.

In the Meissen museum
From there we headed to Leipzig, where we were supposed to spend the night.  We were quite taken with the number of wind turbines we passed.

However there is a dentist's convention in town and there was no room so we've come on to Halle, 50 km from Leipzig.  We did a bus tour of Leipzig with a local guide and then walked around some of the old part of town.   It is another interesting city and I was most impressed in driving around at some of the redevelopment with old communist factories turned into interesting apartment buildings.   There were lovely canals and we also noticed quite a large number of community garden allotments - which we also noticed in Dresden.  There is also a very nice city forest.

In the background is the spire of St Nicholas church, which was at the centre
of the peaceful revolution to overthrow communism in 1989
The old Stock Exchange building, now a concert venue
Alan and I walked through the city centre of Halle before dinner, and found an interesting town.

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  1. Porcelain and dentists! Somehow they seem linked.