Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Day 16 - Berlin

We've had a "high" day today - we started out early and walked to the Reichstag Building were we had booked a tour of the Roof Terrace and Dome.  Quite spectacular, if a little chilly.  The weather really turned today and after quite mild weather it was quite cold - particularly on the Terrace.  The views from there were great, and we were very impressed with the construction.

Then we enjoyed a wander through the Tiergarten to the Victory Column, where we discovered that for 3 Euro we could climb 282 steps to the top, so of course we had to do that.  At least we got to the top of the Reichstag Building in a lift!!!

Carillon in Tiergarten
We walked back to our hotel on Friedrichstrasse beside the Spree River.  It was surprising to see how many tourist boats were on the river.  We found some interesting shops on the way - particularly the Gallery Lafayette, which was handy to visit when it started to rain.

We also visited the Checkpoint Charlie area where there is a lot of interesting information on the division of Berlin.

The water table in Berlin is very high and each construction site has a colourful network of pipes to remove the excess water.

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  1. Great to read about Berlin and see the places we need to visit if we get there again!