Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day 4 - Warsaw

We are back to being "tour organised" with a wake up call at 7.00 and departure for city sights tour at 8.30.   While our tour included many of the places we've already been - the Chopin Memorial, the Jewish memorial and the old town - our local guide was very interesting and informative.  We left the tour in the old town and walked up to the Warsaw Uprising Museum, accompanied by an American couple from our tour, Jim and Sue.  The Museum was so interesting and so sad and so thought provoking.  Our walk home took us past the pastry shop again!!!  We enjoyed meeting our fellow tour group members and our welcome dinner last night, with traditional Polish food.  Would you believe that our tour group of 28 includes 3 Sue's and 1 Susan!!!

Chopin bench - one of 15 around the city placed at key sites connected with his life.  Plays a short snippet of his music.

Jewish memorial


  1. Fancy there being so many Sues! Lovely to see the photos of Warsaw.

  2. Time to be Susanne/Suzanne then! Nice name you know.