Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day 21 - Walking around Jersey (La Greve de Lecq - Bouley Bay)

It was a beautiful sunny day again today and very warm - 25 degrees.  We continued walking along the cliffs on the north coast and we covered just under 20 kms.   There were some steep stretches up and down.  It was the hardest day so far, and I must admit there may have been some muttering and moaning at points, but all in all a good day with beautiful scenery. It was a great relief to sit and have a cold drink before our pick up.

Our departure point for the day was the white building in the middle of the picture
Bonne Nuit Bay
Dating from 1830, the stone guardhouse at La Crete can now be rented as accommodation
Bouley Bay, today's destination.  The tide was out when we arrived
and it was a very pebbly beach


  1. Such gorgeous weather. Lucky you!

  2. HI Sue, Apologies for not keeping up with your blog! We are about to leave for the Gold Coast for eight nights. I will have some time on hols and am looking forward to reading all about your adventures. The end of term was extremely busy but I was pleased to have made it to the end of ten weeks' work! looking forward to spending time at the beach etc and having a relaxing time. J xxx

  3. It looks like the scenery you were treated to was worth the ups and downs of the track. A little bit of whinging is necessary in such cases.