Thursday, 25 September 2014

Day 18 - In transit - Berlin to Jersey

We have had one of those frustrating travelling days today when our total flight time over 2 flights was about 2 1/2 hours and we seemed to spend twice that in queues for various reasons.  And we came across an immigration officer at Gatwick least likely to win any awards for helpfulness and charm!!!  I was a bit concerned that she wouldn't let us in.

I sat next to Rainbow on our flight from Berlin to Gatwick.  She is a 69 yo kineologist from Perth and we had an interesting conversation.  She did offer me advice on how to speed my recovery from the upper respiratory tract infection that has been plaguing me, but the conversation about her travel angel was distinctly weird.

However it was exciting to fly over Jersey as we came in to land, and see how pretty it looks (and how populated).  We were met as arranged and transferred to our guest house in St Aubin.  We dumped our stuff and went for a little orientation walk and enjoyed the clean air and quiet after Berlin.

Our guesthouse,  built around 1640
View from our window 
Tides out


  1. What did she want to know? You have shown by your other visits you go back to Australia. Jersey looks lovely. And the place you are staying in reminds me of the place we stayed in when I was 11 in1966, not that I remember where it was!

  2. Hope you get over the chest problem in the clean air. If you are still bad by the end of the week maybe you ought to see a doctor?

  3. Looks like a lovely place. Enjoy your walking tour. Hope you get better soon. Aren't those travel days frustrating.!