Friday, 14 December 2012

Day 11 Krems and the Wachau Valley

Cold and clear day with a maximum temperature of about -2.

Alan and I were ready early this morning so we went for a walk in the back streets of Krems before our excursion to the Gottweig Abbey, which is a Benedictine Abbey high on a hill overlooking the Wachau Valley.  We were treated to an organ recital of Christmas music in the church there, and it was just lovely.  We drove back to Krems and spent an hour or so wandering through the picturesque shopping area.  Krems is over 1000 years old and the centre was lovely with a long and winding shopping area and interesting back streets.

We set sail  at about 1.15 and headed into the Wachau Valley, which is a world heritage area with lovely old villages, wine making communities and castles or ruins high on the hills.  We sat for a while on the sun deck  but could barely move with the amount of clothes we had on.  The scenery was magnificent though.

We enjoyed having a more relaxing day and are looking forward to a trip to Salzburg tomorrow.


  1. Sounds so beautiful. The cruise is certainly doing some lovely excursions.

  2. Warming up for Munich, wondering if I have packed too many clothes! Have a great day in Salzburg and see you in Munich very soon.

  3. Priceless to see you rugged up on the deck Sue! xxx Loved all the photos.