Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Day 9 Bratislava

We have had SNOW today - in fact it's has snowed almost all day.  Magic. The maximum temperature was -1 so it wasn't terribly cold.

We did a walking tour of  the old town of Bratislava this morning and ended up in the Christmas markets.  It's a lovely place and not overrun with tourists.  The tour was about 1 1/2 hours and we had plenty of time to wander around on our own before heading back to the boat for lunch.

This afternoon we did a bus tour to the Princely Castle of Schloss Hof which was a 45 min drive in Austria.  We had a tour of part of the restored area.  We also had a schnapps tasting - Alan enjoyed that much more than me.  In fact he got 2 serves as one sip was enough for me.  Uniworld laid on this tour  as compensation for having to leave Budapest early.  We got back to Bratislava late afternoon and wandered back around the markets, enjoying the lights and atmosphere.

We have really enjoyed having a snowy day even though I ended up on my rear end in the snow on one occasion.  Snow is forecast for tomorrow as well!!!


  1. Sounds very cold but must be lovely to see the snowy scenery and the Christmas markets.

  2. Sounds as tho you are having fun! Very cold here today too, quite foggy and the trees were all white with frost. Gunner was pleased his coat arrived this morning!

  3. Nice having an extra tour thrown in. Another interesting place and experiencing the snow must be lovely too. xx