Thursday, 20 December 2012

Day 17 In Transit

We flew from Munich back to London today.  A taxi picked us up at the hotel at 10.30 and we had a fast and comfortable ride to the airport.  At one point we were doing 150.  As John and Alan commented, you didn't notice the speed in the Mercedes.

It was a  good flight and we landed at Heathrow at 2.30 and were through all the formalities and on our way by about 3.45.  It was pouring with rain so it made driving very difficult though it eased off by the time we got to Cusop.

Now it's time to start Christmas preparations!!!


  1. You are even enjoying the transits! xx

  2. Hello Sue and Alan. So pleased that you seem to have having a fabulous time. Bruce and I looked through all your photos today - lovely! It's hard to imagine that it's so cold - we had 33 deg C yesterday and 29 today!
    Sue, we missed you at our study lunch today, where we had a very pleasant time. We're all enjoying your blog!