Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day 13 Passau

Not so cold today - around 1 degree, but heavy rain this morning, with very light showers this afternoon.

And the rain posed a problem for us as it made the ground icy.  We were supposed to do a walking tour this morning, but when the guides arrived they strongly recommend we not go as it was so treacherous.   We had been watching people slipping and sliding so we were happy to take their advice.

We had a nice quiet morning.  At around 11.30 things had improved so we ventured out and found the Christmas markets, where we enjoyed a quiet browse.  Mostly it was fine walking but there were some icy patches which were a bit nerve wracking to negotiate.  Particularly for me after my fall in Bratislava.  I was holding Alan's hand so tightly he reckoned the blood circulation was cut off!!!

After lunch we ventured back out and found the main shopping area and browsed there for a while, including visiting an Apotheke, where I had to get some paracetamol as I am fighting a cold.  The sales assistant was so helpful and even gave me a glass of water.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and getting the washing up to date.

We have just enjoyed the Captains cocktail party and dinner for our last  night aboard.  The food has been very good and the service has been amazing.  All in all the cruise has been a great experience.

We're going to listen to some Christmas music and then go and pack.

Tomorrow Munich and hopefully better wifi so we can add some photos.


  1. Sorry to hear about the cold. Glad you had a fairly relaxing day.xx

  2. Lovely to see your photos and hear about your travels. The weather is a little different here in Port Moresby (22-33 each day and hot). I am going home on Saturday.