Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Day 16 Munich

It was around 6 in Munich again today.

We again walked down to Marienplatz, which is the main square of the old town.  We did some shopping and John found a small baroque church just down the street - St Johann Nepomuk.

After we'd visited the church, John went off to do some of his own shopping and Penny, Alan and I visited the toy museum in the tower of the town hall.  It covered 4 floors of the tower and had a fascinating array of toys on display.

After we met up with John we headed towards the river and stopped for lunch in the Hofbrauhouse, a noisy, busy beer hall.

We continued on through the back streets and an expensive shopping strip to the Eisar Ricer and the Bavarian Parliament House.

We walked back to Marienplatz and Penny and John headed off to the art gallery and Alan and I picked up our morning purchases (we'd left them in the shop to save carrying them) and headed back to the hotel via back streets for a change of scene  - and less people.

Spent some time getting our blog up to date - you may have noticed we have pictures at last - and had dinner at a local Italian restaurant.


  1. So lovely to look back at the posts with pictures. It is all very beautiful in the snow!