Monday, 17 December 2012

Day 14 Munich

It was foggy and icy in Passau this morning but was much warmer when we arrived in Munich.  The temperature was around 5.  Didn't need hats and gloves for a change.

We ended our cruise this morning with breakfast on the River Beatrice, and shared a taxi to the station with Dennis and Sue, another Australian couple from the cruise.  We also bought a Bayern ticket for the trip to Munich which meant the 4 of us could travel for €36, which is incredibly cheap.

It was a good train journey through the snowy countryside.  We were quite surprised by the number of solar panel farms we saw on the way.

Penny and John met us at the station and we walked to the hotel and checked in.  After a quick lunch we visited some Christmas markets and then climbed the 302'steps in St Peter's church for great views over the city and to the mountains in the distance.

We did some more Christmas market browsing / shopping and then made our way to St Michaels where we enjoyed a choral evensong.  It was lovely to sit in the beautiful church and be surrounded by music.

We had dinner in a very nice brewery owned restaurant and wandered a bit more before making our way back to the hotel.

I'm still wrestling with a cold so my stamina is a bit lacking, but it was a good day and nice to catch up with Penny and John.

Still not sure of the Internet here so photos may have to wait until we're back at the Winters.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day in Munich. You did heaps even with a cold especially the 302 steps.

  2. Nice reunion with friends and lovely experiences together. Hope the cold symptoms subside soon, Sue. xxxx