Saturday, 22 December 2012

Day 19 Hay on Wye

A fine day, with a temperature of around 7.

Alan and I went into Hereford this morning with Penny when she went into her class.  We spent the morning browsing the shops.  We visited the cathedral and were fortunate enough to be there when the organist was practicing.  It's a lovely building and we enjoyed inspecting it and reading up on its history.  We found a path that took us across the River Wye and along the bank on the other side, before we crossed back further down stream and walked back to the city.  The river was very high and flowing quite fast after all the rain.  We also had a look inside the Black and White House.  We met up with Penny for lunch before heading back to Hay.

We did a very quick  turnaround when we got home, and headed back out to Waitrose Supermarket at Abergavenny, where we spent a couple of hours stocking up with supplies.  I don't think I've ever brought so many groceries at one time ever, but we are catering for 11 / 12 people for 4 days.

So lots of exercise today.

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