Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Day 24 - Walking around Jersey (St Helier to St Aubin)

Today was the final leg of our Jersey Coastal Walk, which we have enjoyed very much, not least because of the weather which has been very kind to us.  All in all we reckon we've done around 100 km in our 6 days walking.

We were dropped off in St Helier this morning and after doing a few necessary tasks we took the amphibious vehicle Charming Nancy over to Elizabeth Castle.  We then headed along the boardwalk back to St Aubin, detouring inland to visit the Jersey War Tunnels, which set out what happened in Jersey during WW2.  The tunnels were originally built for storage by the Germans using slave labour but were then turned into a hospital.  We found the visit very interesting.  We finished off with a walk out to St Aubin's Fort.

Statue commemorating liberation of Jersey
Charming Nancy
Elizabeth Castle, looking to St Helier

Entrance to Jersey War Tunnels


  1. Looks like you have had a great holiday in Jersey with near perfect weather, just as well you weren't accompanied by the Winters it would have rained! Wishing you a smooth transfer to Guernsey and the continuation of the sunshine. Xxxx

  2. You must be both very skinny now after all that walking. Time for cream cakes I say!