Monday, 6 October 2014

Day 29 - Sark - Rye

It was a much sunnier departure from Sark and we had a good trip back to Guernsey, accompanied by, seemingly, the entire wedding party from yesterday.  Our flight was held up because of a security scare but finally all was good and we made it to Gatwick.  Our hearts sank as we followed the arrival route to Immigration, but there is a special line for those from the Channel Islands and you just need to give them your boarding pass.  What a relief.  We picked up our hire car and had a reasonable trip to Rye, where we're staying at the Mermaid Inn, a very quaint inn rebuilt in 1420.  We explored the town before having a very nice dinner at the Inn.
Walking to the Ferry
Sark Belle
The Mermaid Inn

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  1. Enjoy Rye! We had a lovely visit there a few years ago.