Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Day 37 - Cusop

It was a bit of a bleak day today and John is lighting the fire, which will be very welcome.  Alan and I walked to Hay on Wye first thing to buy him some new walking boots.  We discovered on Saturday that the ones he brought from home are no longer waterproof and you need waterproof around here.  Penny, Alan and I went to Brockhampton Estate, where we visited the 14th century moated house.  We also did a short walk through some of the farmland but it was very muddy.

Great Hall

Ruined Chapel
We checked out the village of Bromyard on the way home and visited St Peter's church.  The first church on site was built around 840.  We also had a drive through Leominster on the way home.

Norman Arch and 9th century carving of St Peter with keys and cross

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