Sunday, 5 October 2014

Day 28 - Sark

The weather was very unkind this morning and we got a little damp during our 10 minute walk to the wharf to catch the ferry to Sark.  It is an hour ferry ride and by the time we arrived the weather was very nasty - very wet and very windy, with umbrellas turning inside out.  We were very soggy by the time we walked to our B&B.  However a change of clothes and a nice cup of tea and chat with our landlady restored us and we set out to explore.  As predicted the rain was gone by 1.00 and the sun was out by 2.00 and we had a lovely afternoon exploring Sark and Little Sark.  We even came upon the guests and wedding party arriving for a wedding.  It was so nice wandering around without having to plaster ourselves to stone walls or hedgerows as cars sped past.

Causeway to Little Sark 
Lane way of Sark
Sark Village

Window in the Rock
Through Window in the Rock

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  1. Great photos. Again, some spectacular scenes you've visited these past few days.