Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Day 30 - Rye - Arundel

We have had a good day though the weather was appalling for some of it.  It was overcast and windy when we set out and we drove along the coast to Beachy Head, where we set out for a walk.  However by then the wind was so strong we nearly got blown off out feet so we gave up on that idea and went to Birling Gap, where the chalk cliffs are crumbling into the sea.  We talked to a very interesting National Trust volunteer there.  We headed off to the Seven Sisters Information Centre, where we bravely set out for a walk.  However after 15 mins of walking into driving rain, strong wind at a temperature of 11, we decided enough was enough and gave up and headed off to Brighton, where we visited the Royal Pavilion, which I enjoyed very much.  Most of these places have hand held audio guides which make it so interesting.  Then on to Arundel, and would you believe the skies had cleared by the time we got here and we were able to walk up and have a look at the Cathedral and Historic Church at the top of the town.  There is also a castle, which is home to the Duke of Norfolk.

Birling Gap
Birling Gap - 2 houses have been removed from this terrace
to stop them collapsing into the sea
Royal Pavilion, Brighton

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